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The increase in the volume of the calves by filler is the least invasive and least risky solution from an aesthetic point of view. Hyaluronic acid represents, to date, the most widespread innovative technique for filling calves and the most valid alternative to plastic...


Women prefer non-invasive procedures, which modify and / or restore their body shapes naturally, not permanently without the use of definitive implants. In addition, many women prefer not to undergo total anesthesia or have scars. With Hyacorp, the procedure is short, requiring local anesthesia...


An excellent muscle tone, firm and smooth skin and an appropriate bone structure are the right combination of a young and fresh face. Hyaluronic acid is especially indicated for the treatment of expression lines, crow’s feet, marionette wrinkles and all facial furrows due to...


Often considered the most appreciated part of the female body, having firm and sculpted buttocks is the dream of many women. Hyaluronic acid corp acts in tissues that have lost their tone due to the low concentration of hyaluronic acid, restoring to the treated...


Liposuction is one of the most requested plastic surgery, in many cases it is applied to reduce localized fat problems or in addition to other cosmetic surgery


Do you have doubts or fears about liposuction? This video may help you.


HYALURONIC ACID, in the last 20 years, became very popular in Aesthetical Medical Practice.


Fat Grafting can be considered the most natural and safest technique and it is easier to perform than implant augmentation. In fact, where it’s possible, Fat Grafting is the most effective technique for tissue volume replacement in the entire body.

AMWC what is it?

April 3-4-5-6, 2019 Monte-Carlo, Monaco 17th AESTHETIC & ANTI-AGING MEDICINE WORLD CONGRESS Under the scientific supervision of the World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSIAM), the conference will feature a highly interactive, stimulating and multidisciplinary program and will provide the ideal forum to stimulate ideas,...


Laser lipolysis is a relatively new technique, claimed to be as effective as liposuction, and as gentle treatment without risk to the vascular system or damage to the skin, without scars or depressions

4 Ways to Improve Your Appearance for the Holidays

For a facial filler or Botox®, make sure you see a board-certified cosmetic physician from one of four core specialties: plastic surgery, dermatology, facial plastic surgery (ear, nose, throat), and oculoplastic surgery. These physicians are fully trained in the use of only FDA-approved facial fillers...

Augmentation Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty may require the addition of material to augment the nose. Augmentation is necessary for both aesthetic and functional indications. Functional reasons for augmentation include providing structural support for areas deficient of material, such as the upper or lower lateral cartilages. Augmentation may also...

Buttocks Contouring

Aesthetic surgery of the buttocks encompasses many forms. Patients may seek to enhance buttock shape with buttock implants, autologous fat transfer, autologous tissue flaps, excisional procedures, or liposuction. Patients with traumatic buttock injuries and contour deformities from injections also require reconstruction, often with fat...