Perhaps the most popular, and one of the most frequently performed, of all cosmetic surgical procedures, it is the procedure that most markedly changes the appearance of the patient’s face.

A photographic study made on the first visit allows the surgeon and the patient to verify exsisting defects and to plan the remodelling based on the patient’s desires and the surgeon’s technical possibilities. The use of state-of-the-art techniques allows the patient to obtain the desired results without a long post-operative recovery period.

The procedure consists of remodelling the bone and cartilage structure of the nose by entering though the nostrils and making small corrections until the desired effect is reached.

Whenever there is a traumatic deviation of the nasal piramid, with a subsequent reduction of breathing capability, it becomes necessary to treat the cartilage of the septum and to set it in a central position. This procedure is usually done with a general anaesthesia as an outpatient surgery; or with local anaesthesia, if the defect is merely in the cartilage on the tip of the nose and if the procedure is programmed to last less than an hour.

The entire procedure is resolved in the course of a day and often patients do not need to stay the night in clinic. Despite what one might immagine, it is not a painful procedure. The medication and the tampons can be removed the following day, while the nose is set in a small cast for approximately 10 days to block movement of the treated area. Even if the end result is immediately visible, the nose continues to shrink in size for a few months after the procedure until it reaches its ideal size, from six months to one year later.


From 3.500€ to 7.500€


Day Surgery or overnight in clinic


1 hour and 30 minutes