The first signs of age are visible in the expression of the eyes and at times the aging effect on the eyelids appears precociously. The most evident signs are the sagging skin of the eyelids and the orbicularis oris muscle and the swelling of fat around the eyes, that forms what is commonly called “bags”, giving the eyes a sad expression.

The blepharoplasty, or the correction of the above defects, is by far the most rejuvenating procedure that can be performed. The uncomplicated procedure and the minimal discomfort involved, along with a relatively short recovery period, have made this one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. The objective is to reposition the tissue of the eyelids anchoring that tissue to the jawbone and to reduce the skin and fat in excess.

To access the fat deposits, small incisions are made in areas where they are scarcely visible. The stitches must remain in place for 3 to 5 days.

Used in conjunction, another innovative technique that heightens the end-result is the laser which is used for resurfacing, i.e. for the removal of tiny wrinkles which otherwise could not have been removed with traditional methods. Therefore the procedure, coupled with laser resurfacing, gives a rejuvenating lift to the eye area of the face.

Should a young person need a procedure to reduce fat under the eyes, the procedure is even less complex. The fat can be eliminated even without visible cuts on the lids. Procedures involving the eyelids are relatively brief and can be performed in Day Hospital with local anaesthesia.


From 2.000€ to 5.000€


Day Hospital


45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes