Baldness affects one man in three and, even though it is not a disease, it is a major reason for discomfort in males. Due to the difficulties inherent in the problem, and for the many factors that cause it, baldness is a difficult problem to solve.

To date, there is no effective treatment that can cure baldness; there are some rivitalization treatments for the scalp that can slow hairloss, but not always permanently.

“Surgery” doesn’t need to be frightening, since the procedures are very safe; they are performed in Day Hospital with local anaesthesia and with a minimum of physical discomfort. The patient can return to normal activity the next day.

The most important factor for a good outcome is that the physician be highly trained in this particular procedure. There are actually two methods used for this problem:

  • Self-transplant of micro and mini-implants
  • The use of skin flaps.


The self-transplant is based on the scientific principle  that the hair follicles situated at the base of the head and on the temporal-parietal lobes are more resilient than the hairs in the front area because of bio-hormones. The technique is as follows: after a local anaesthesia, the hairs are taken out and are separated under a microscope into many tiny implants that will be grafted onto the bald area.

After approximately ten days, rooting has taken place; the hairs will begin to grow naturally 90 days after the procedure. After surgery, the patient will not need any medication and can go back to his normal activity the next day.


From 3500€ to 7500€


Day Surgery


Between 1 hour and 3 hours