Body Filler 

New technology designed hyaluronic acid body filler are the best option to give more volume to the body where it has been lost.
The macromolecular hyaluronic acic is a safe way to restore the body shape, to correct defects after liposuction and to repair subcutaneus defects .
The macromolecular hyaluronic acid retains water inside the molecule itself enlarging his volume like a sponge.
This procedure can be performed in almost all the areas and in all patients but actually is more used for buttock volume augmentation , breast augmentation , on hands rejuvenation and calves reshaping.
It’s not required any special care for this procedure and it can be performed with simply local anaesthesia and without any recovery time.
During the following days after the treatment not any pain and disconfort is referred by the patients.
The desired volume can be achieved in only one or two sessions.
There is not any problem of allergy or infection even after long time if this procedure has been perfomed in a correct way by an expert pratictioner.

Actually this technique is the most preferred from people that is requirind not to have any surgery downtime.


From 1.600€ to 8.000€


Local anesthesia


20/40 Minutes