Breast Enhancement

This tecnique enhances the breast by enlarging its dimensions with the insertion of breast implants. New techniques and perfected implants have made the aesthetic results of this surgery safer and more lasting. It is possible to obtain customized results in terms of form and volume, adapting the implants to the patient’s desires. The insertion of the implants is carried out through small incisions in the skin and positioned in different places  (inframammary fold, the lower rim of the nipple and the armpit) that allow the scars to be hidden in exsisting spaces between tissue of various types without producing new scars.

The outcome of additive mastoplasty is visible immediately after the operation and, except for the first two days, it’s only necessary to wear a support bra for the 20 days of the recovery period.

Within a month, the breasts return to their normal state and natural softness and the swelling lasts only a few days. Only in rare cases  is it necessary to massage the breasts to attain a natural softness in the implants.

Apart from the normal precautions common to any surgery*, one must consider the possibility of scarring in each patient’s case that could influence the final outcome of the procedure. At times, a fibrous tissue forms around the implant and reduces the natural effect, stiffening the implant in the surrounding tissue.

*precautions for infections, for example, for patients with diabetes or cardiovascular disease current or past.


From 4.500€ to 7.500€


Day Surgery or overnight in clinic


1 hour and 30 minutes