Anti-aging and Molecular Medicine

To transform a routine physical check-up, normally focused on diagnosing disease, into a 360° experience aimed at discovering each individual’s internal make-up and to enable each patient to achieve a successful aging process.

The results achieved in the last 10 years in the field of diagnostics have opened up a new frontier in this modern sector. The correct genetic information (ndt of the patient) is necessary to maintain the constant chemical balance of the organism and to preserve its natural functions.

The genome revolution applied to clinical practice has permitted us to increase the possibility of evaluating the risks that may be developing. Early signs of an alteration of genetic expressions are monitored and to prevent them, we can intervene on a molecular level on the aging of the skin and organs in the earliest stages of the aging process.

Molecular medicine is the field that studies the relationship between patholgy and genetic make-up of the human being; i.e. all diseases caused by modification in the genetic code.

Every alteration of genetic information at the level of gene structure or function can alter this balance and can develop into a metabolic error that could be damaging to the organism.

This is a new philosophy that addresses life at its very roots; it means living life in health, harmony and beauty, in a word, the Science of Life.