Cosmetic Surgery for Women

When dealing with Cosmetic Surgery for women, it is most important to understand that the rapport between the height, dimensions of breast and hips in a woman are closely related and that any procedure, however minimal, in any one of these areas can enhance the whole, bringing it closer to current standards of beauty.

Remodelling the breast consists in creating an ideal volume based on the woman’s physical characteristics. In recent years, the most popular intervention has been breast enlargement; it has become a trend but also because this type of surgery has become increasingly safe due to advances in surgical techniques.

It is now possible to fit a patient with a tailor-made solutions based on the type of implant, its volume and shape.

The results are immediate and it is no longer necessary to wear bulky bandages but simply a support bra.

Body-sculpting instead, (by this we mean reshaping body fat and, when necessary, reinjecting it into the body and the use of micro-cannula and laser) is by far the most innovative method used today to reshape the body.

This is the most frequently-used surgical procedure of all cosmetic surgeries and an increasing number of women use this procedure in various stages of life. This procedure, carried out in proper conditions, is not dangerous and the results are surprising.

Advanced knowledge of the fatty layer and of the skin itself allow the use of micro-cannula of millimetric caliber and laser technology that also acts on the outer skin layer, restoring the proper elasticity. The skin returns to normal after only 48 hours and patients can return to work, wearing only an elastic stocking for three weeks.