Liposuction, or the removal of local fat deposits by infiltration and the insertion of tiny cannulas designed to reduce the thickness of the treated area, is at present the most invasive of all procedures. Liposuction is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in general surgery and in cosmetic surgery. In fact a growing number of women submit to liposuction to remodel their body shape.

If carried out correctly, this  procedure is not any more dangerous than others and the results are often surprising. Even if it is used to remove localized fat, Liposuction works well where cellulite is well-defined and circumscribed especially when used in association with laser therapy. The technique is not complicated hence the possibility to perform the procedure in Day Hospital.

Advanced knowledge of the fatty layer and of the skin has allowed us to develop micro-cannulae with maximum aspirating strength without creating trauma to surrounding tissue.

During the recovery period, the patient will simply have to wear an elastic body stocking for two weeks.


From 3500€ to 7500€


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