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Cosmetic Surgery

To improve appearance with increasingly non-invasive surgery that produces results in days.  To be able to remove from the face or body those elements that disturb its overall harmony. To strike a better aesthetic balance without exaggeration, with natural-looking results.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is based on the clinical use of stem cells and/or of bio-products (PRP)that facilitate the migration of stem cells to the damaged tissue, to stimulate the stem cells to reproduce and to ultimately repair damaged tissue.

Cosmetic Medicine

Control Acne, avoiding pustules, bacteria spread and infections. Improve lips in various ways like fillers or surgical modelling. Destroy portions of the epidermis or the dermis to promote regeneration of new tissue with chemical peeling.

Anti-aging Medicine

Based on clinical research and DNA testing, it is possible to create a series of products designed to correct hormonal and nutritional imbalances exclusive to each patient. A series of hormone- based formulas for men and women will contrast the common symptoms of aging skin. A range of molecular substances can be created for each individual case.

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Popular Procedures

According the asps the last year there were more than 17.5 milion of surgical and minimal invasive procedures in usa . the most required are breast augmentation and breast lift , liposculpture , eyelid surgery and nose surgery. Actually is gaining popularity the body volume augmentation with fat transfer to achieve a better shape on the waist / buttock area. More and more the plastic surgery trends are being shaped by social media.


Blepharoplasty, which corrects these defects, is the most common of all  rejunenating surgeries.

Nose Surgery

This is perhaps the most popular procedure of all cosmetic surgeries because it is the one that changes the face’s expression with immediate visible results.

Lip Surgery

Lip enhancement is done by filler injections of biocompatible materials: some procedures are only temporary and can maintain the desired results for a few months.


Additive mammoplasty is the surgical procedure used for breast enlargement through the use of breast implants.


Liposuction, the removal of stubborn, localized fat deposits through the use of extremely small cannulas, is the most effective method to date for fat reduction and body sculpting.


This procedure uses a person’s own body fat to smooth out wrinkles.


Lipolaser is a relatively recent development, claimed to be as effective as traditional liposuction, and as mild as a cosmetic procedure without risk to veins or to skin.


The areas best treated are the forehead, the neck, the area around the eyes and the cheekbones. The treated areas return to normal after three days.