Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is based on the clinical use of stem cells and/or of bio-productts (PRP) that facilitate the migration of stem cells to the damaged tissue, to stimulate the stem cells to reproduce and to ultimately repair damaged tissue.

When tissues are damaged, the stem cells are able to promote the repair of various types of tissue, such as skin, bone, tendons and muscle.

This peculiar characteristic of stem cells can be used in therapeutic applications of various sorts; the possibilities are endless.

Some clinical applications are already in use and facilitate the resolution of complex reconstruction problems with relatively simple techniques. The areas where the applications have had the most success in the shortest period of time are in vascular surgery, maxillofacial surgery, othopaedics, neurology and plastic surgery.

Growth Factor of Small Plates PRC

PRP is obtained by extracting blood from the patient and treating that blood sample with certrifuge and celluar separation, creating a new substance rich in platelets.

Platelets are the main components in blood cells and their importance is due to the fact that they favor the restorative process through the so-called growth of platelet-rich plasma.

PRP is a gel that contains a high percentage of platelets (95%) with a low percentgae of red (4%) and white (1%) blood cells; therefore PRC is rich in growth factors for plate development.

In cosmetic medicine, PRP is used to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells. The growth factors are able to stimuate the formation of collagen and to improve veins, preventing and delaying the aging process.

Growth factors plates are able to stimulate the hair follicles, that may be dormant or suffering,

to produce new hair. This new technique to counteract baldness is useful in cases of alopecia androgenetica, in men (85% of cases) and women.

The tecnique is successful in all stages of androgenetic baldness. The procedure is also used in cases of alopecia areata, patchy baldness, whose causes are unknown  (speculation points to psychological factors or auto-immune diasorders.) The condition is characterized by hair falling out in clumps. In this case, the sooner therapy begins, the better the results.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

The use of stem cells for cellular therary applications, specifically for adult stem cells or “mesenchymal” cells has become one of the most interesting areas in medicine today.

The stem cells demonstrated a great capacity to regenerate tissue and to remodel the immune system and they possess other qualities that are beneficial to the organism.

In the sector of anti-aging, their utilization is followed with great interest and the possibility of getting results in the regeneration of cells is optimal.

By withdrawing fat from the abdomen, it is possible to access the cellular components and, by a system of filters, isolate the stem cells present within. These in turn, will be placed in the area where a regenerative effect  is desired.