When circulatory disturbances, hormonal problems, emotional stress, sedentary life-style, dietary errors, drug abuse create an accumulation of toxins in the connective tissue, the composition and structure of the tissue itself is modified causing the formation of cellulitis.

Cellulitis has three forms according to the prevaling pathology:

  •  soft cellulitis (edema)
  •  hard cellulitis (fibrosis)
  •  fatty cellulitis (fat cells)

The bio-mesotherapy protocol calls for 10 applications, one per week, and a maintenance regime of one treatment every two months.

In addition, it is also advised to begin a oral treatment to eliminate toxins.

This combination of treatments is aimed at 4 areas:

  •  circulatory system
  •  connective tissue massage
  •  hormonal system
  •  lipolysis

The various drugs are mixed in one syringe and are combined according to the type of cellulitis the patient presents.

For each group, these are the most common remedies and the most efficient phytotherapies used.