Frequently Asked Question

How long takes the surgery ?
How many days do I have to stop working ?
Do I have to keep my eyes closed for long time?
Can I watch TV and work on computer?
When I can start my exercises?
Can I take the shower ?
Will my eyes cange shape ?
Will the scars be visible ?
How much are visible the scars ?
Face lift will change my expression?
How much I will not attend my social life?
Is it painful?
Will my mouth change her shape?
When do you remove the stiches ?
When I’ll be able to go to the beach on the sun ?
How long do I have to have nasal pack inside ?
Is there any scar visible?
How I will breath after?
hen I can start going back to the gim?
Is immediately visible the result?
Shall I see the result before surgery?
Brest augmentation… is it painful?
Can I feed after ?
Are the scars visible?
Any risk of loosing the nipple sensation ?
The final result… is it natural ?
Will my partner feel any difference touching ?
Do I have to stop running ? For how long ?
Do I have to loose weight before a tummy tuck ?
Does breast reduction leave scars visible?
How long is the recovery time ?
If I get pregnant after tummy tuck is it dangerous?
Is it painful?
Will the skin remain loose ?
How much I can remove?
How much weight I will loose after the surgery ?
Do I have to remain in bed for long time ?
When I can start doing massage?
Is the result immediately visible?
Which kind of fillers are safe?
Will be visible any bruise after the treatment ?
How long it wiil last?
Is it possible to add more filler ?
Will be result natural?
How do inject it ?
When I can go to the gim