Laser lipolysis is a relatively new technique, claimed to be as effective as liposuction, and as gentle treatment without risk to the vascular system or damage to the skin, without scars or depressions

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Augmentation Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty may require the addition of material to augment the nose. Augmentation is necessary for both aesthetic and functional indications. Functional reasons for augmentation include providing structural support for areas deficient of material, such as the upper or lower lateral cartilages. Augmentation may also...

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Buttocks Contouring

Aesthetic surgery of the buttocks encompasses many forms. Patients may seek to enhance buttock shape with buttock implants, autologous fat transfer, autologous tissue flaps, excisional procedures, or liposuction. Patients with traumatic buttock injuries and contour deformities from injections also require reconstruction, often with fat...

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